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Stackable Containers - Cage Pallets

These can be independently stackable frames with or without standard pallets as part of the design. Typically these frame stack up to 4 or 5 high and are nestable when empty. Design dependent, these frames are designed to carry up to 1 ton each. The stackablitiy is achieved by having 4 corner posts that lock into the coned feet of the pallet above or interlocking rails that nest and lock into each other. This is often an inverted angles that acts as a top rail and floor rail.

It is necessary for the pallet to temporarily lock into each other to ensure that safety throughout the systems is maintained and that the base palled is strong enough to withstand the imposed loads above. Typically utilization tends to be low at about 75% or even less.

1. High flexible unit handling available.
2. Completely flexible layouts.
3. Typically conventional trucks.