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Gasoline/LPG Forklift Trucks

When we use LPG forklift Trucks, some problems always block your work schedule: difficulty for changing the LPG tank, the LPG tank’s tie-in is not suited for local standard, the LPG tank’s position is higher than our anticipation and the LPG tank is wider than the dimension of forklift truck.At UN, our designers bring us more surprise and solve these technological problems perfectly, also get national patent right for this technology. It clearly indicates that our group always creates the society value and brings our customers more service.



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UN Mini 5T LPG forklift is designed with man-machine engineering.

It features higher power engine,speedy cargo loading and unloading, highly reputed low-noise performance, wide view mast, and reliable powerassisted brakes. Undergoing the world-renowned manufacturing process, extra steps are always taken to ensure reliability and durability. The strong but low emission engine will satisfy the operators in any given circumstance, distribution, manufacturing and warehousing of all types. Even the toughest applications, it can be suited.

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